Welcome to a huge digital art gallery
dedicated to women's health and worldwide campaign #againstbreastcancer. Together we increase the awareness about cancer inside Web 3.0, and engage people in healthcare movement with the help of art

We are the first project across the metaverses devoted to the fight against breast cancer

About the "Pink Metaverse"

Traditionally October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While the Eiffel Tower, White House and Burj Khalifa are going pink, people and brands are trying to create more and more initiatives to raise awareness

about the most common type of cancer in the world


We are a charity project aimed at fighting against breast cancer, created by women from the field of technology. We use metaverse as a platform to bring people from all over the world together, as a meeting place, a lecture hall, a gallery and a place to sell digital art, which revenue will go to charity. The "Pink Metaverse" project will take place in one of the most popular metaverse — Roblox — which has about 1.5 billion users. To enter the Roblox metaverse and join the "Pink Metaverse" you don't need any special tools, just a smartphone or a computer and a few minutes of your time.

Artist: Katya Tishkevich; instagram:
What's inside
Exhibition in metaverse
Educational quiz
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Events / Expert sessions
  • 2 300 000

    women diagnosed with breast cancer and 685 000 deaths globally in 2020

  • 93%

    chance to survive will have those, who detect cancer at the early stages

  • Every 14 seconds

    somewhere in the world, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer

  • 0.5-1%

    of breast cancers occur in men. The female gender is still the strongest risk factor

Our mission: the fight against breast cancer using awareness campaigns and the Web 3 tools
  • Focus attention

    of millennials and zoomers to the breast cancer agenda and motivate them to speak more about the cancer and prevention methods,

    especially with family members

  • Build a community

    for those who care about the problem all over the world. Create a platform to support each other, talk, discuss and even entertain together

  • Provide content

    related to the topic with the educational and psychological support to those who face breast cancer including their family members and friends

Project roadmap
Open-call for digital artists
December — February
December — February
First Metaverse exhibition on the fight against breast cancer
First NFT Charity Christmas Tree
"Against Cancer. No Boundaries." Public lectures in the Metaverse held by oncology experts
Charity auction in Metaverse within campaign against breast cancer
Breast Cancer Awareness - Men’s Health Month
"Summer of Help" psychological support project: lectures held by experts and charitable consultations in the metacommunity
Charity auction in Metaverse within campaign against breast cancer
Meet Our Team
  • Digital Marketing Manager
    Web 3.0 enthusiast
    Product Strategist
  • Web 3.0 expert
    CMO of INITS
  • Independent curator, artist
    Producer of creative projects
  • Fullstack Developer
    CTO of INITS
Media about us
Infopartners and funds
Now the Pink Metaverse Exhibition is a personal initiative of the team. We welcome
any proposals for partnership, media support, collaboration and donation